Warehouse Product Picking System jSeeq®

jSeeq® is a system that uses the Quuppa system*, a positioning sensor, in conjunction with a production management system to instantly determine the location of products in the warehouse and significantly reduce the time spent picking products.

Quuppa system
The Quuppa system is a high-precision, real-time positioning system that uses a locator (receiver) to receive signals from a BLE tag attached to a product, and calculates the angle and distance of the received signals to calculate location information.

Quuppa system structure

Example system configuration

■ By attaching a pre-registered jSeeq® tag to a product, the Quuppa system can instantly map out the location of the product in the warehouse using the QR code associated with it.

■ Anyone can start picking immediately, which saves a lot of time. And if a product is misplaced, it can be quickly found in the wrong place.


  • Reduced working time
    No more searching for products. Quickly locate products, even if there is a sudden change of location, a mistake or a new worker.
  • Reduced errors
    Knowing the exact location of your products eliminates picking errors.
  • Optimise the placement of products
    Based on product shipment status and movement history data, you can optimise the placement of products in the warehouse.
  • Easy to change layout
    You can easily monitor the location of your products, so you are not influenced by layout changes.

Type of locator

・For indoor use
・For installation distances of less than 10m
・Nominal distance 100m

Dimensions/Weight Diameter: 20cm,Thickest section: 4cm, 500g
Connection method Ethernet
Operating temperature 0°・・・60°C
Power supply PoE(2W) OR DC 12V/500mA
Certification FCC, CE, KC, Technical Regulations etc.

・For indoor and outdoor use
・For installation distances of 10 m or more or where high accuracy is required
・Nominal distance 300m

Dimensions/Weight 400mm×380mm×59mm, 3.8kg
Connection method Ethernet
Operating temperature -20°・・・60°C
Power supply PoE(2W)
IP Grade IP65, dustproof class 6 (dust resistant)
waterproof class 5 (jet-proof)
Certification FCC, CE, KC, Technical Regulations etc.

Installation examples

Our logistics warehouse (29 locators and 2,000 tags to manage the location of drums)

Problems before the introduction

  • The speed with which we could find a place to put our products depended on the experience of our workers.
  • There was a lot of work time lost due to misplacement.

The effect of the introduction

  • Drum collection time reduced by approx. 70%.
  • Even new workers can now easily pick up the products.
  • It is now possible to manage the flow of traffic and to obtain information to consider the best layout to improve work efficiency.

Product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

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