High Accuracy Sensor System

Let us introduce IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) used for JMACS high-precision sensing system (inertial measurement unit) and 3-axis digital accelerometer.

*The sensor of the photo is manufactured by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION


Construct a high accuracy sensing system for detecting the change of super minute posture and action by combining small-sized, high accuracy sensor unit, measuring software and CAN-BUS cable.

Customization of measuring software is available based on the needs of customer.

IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit)

In order to measure the movement of an object.
Gyro: 3 axes + acceleration: A device that detects 3 axes

  • Gyro (sensor that detects rotational movement) → Detects how many rotations per second
  • Acceleration (sensor for detecting linear motion) → Detects acceleration / applied force
Model No. M-G550PC20 M-G354PDH0
Appearance M-G550PC20 M-G354PDH0
Feature Compact, high precision, low consumption
Performance Number of axes 6 axes (Gyro: 3 / acceleration: 3)
range of detection Gyro ± 150 deg / sec ± 450 deg / sec
Acceleration ± 5G ± 5G
Output rate ~ 1000sps ~ 2000sps
Measurement bandwidth DC 200Hz DC 200Hz
Sensitivity Gyro 0.008 deg / sec 0.015 deg / sec
Acceleration 0.2 mG 0.2 mG
Bias stability Output noise 3.5deg/hr
Power consumption 26.5mWtyp @ 12V 18mAtyp @ 3.3V
Waterproof and dustproof CAN
Dust-proof and drip-proof
Embedded product
Size 52 × 52 × 25mm 24 × 24 × 10mm
Weight 85g 10g

3-axis digital accelerometer

High resolution function and high stability comparable to mechanical servo type

  • High cost performance
  • 3-axis digital output for simple system design
  • Simultaneous miniaturization and high performance by original QMEMS * technology
Product name M-A550AC2
Serial I / FCAN
Size 52 × 52 × 26mm
Output rate~500sps
Measurement bandwidthDC~50Hz
Current consumption24mA@12V
Waterproof and dustproofIP67 Equivalent
Operating temperature range-26°C ~+70°C
Detection rangeacceleration: ± 5G
angle : 1.047rad(± 60deg.)
resolutionacceleration : 0.06 μG/LSB
angle : 0.002 μrad/LS

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