Mar.3rd, 2020

Regarding the handling of smart glass compatible application "Ubimax"

We have started handling “Ubimax” as an application that supports various field work using smart glasses.

Ubimax is an AR solution utilizing smart glasses that has already been introduced by over 400 companies around the world.

It can support the work by converting routine and complicated work into a workflow and displaying it in smart glasses one after another. Since the worker can check the procedure and work while it is hands-free, it dramatically improves work efficiency and accuracy.

Also, double check by remote support function and post-check by work recording function will help prevent troubles.
Product URL:

With our remote work support app “nvEye’s” already on sale, it will dramatically improve the efficiency of work styles and field work. The application will also greatly improve safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Please consider this application.

*Ubimax is sold by Outsourcing Technology Co., Ltd. in Japan. JMACS sells Ubimax as a distributor of Outsourcing Technology.

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