JMACS of speed and technology

We strive to develop and progress our company as we improve customer satisfaction.

JMACS Corporation handles not only niche products in the electric wire industry, but we also expanded overseas markets with three businesses, including high-performance cable development and solution businesses.
Aiming for “JMACS of speed and technology”, we will constantly develop new products and technologies and provide services from the customer’s perspective.

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Steps from now to the future

Steps from now to the future

JMACS, as a company responsible for the social infrastructure business, will continue to strive to maintain the corporate sustainability since its foundation.

Our company has already been over 50 years since its founding. By keeping stable and steady steps, we have survived and thrived every year from year to year.We have never been extravagant, just like our product called electric wire, it is not conspicuous in plain form, but it has been firmly supported as a backdrop of modern society.

In recent years, those digital tools, such as IoT or AI, are lively, but in reality, I believe this is a new technology to support society as a back.As “new technology” and “way of thinking”, it seems to be making a noise as it looks like a honey, but the truth is that it does not play an active part in the front stage.

It is an idea of a very modern information-oriented society called “Internet of Things” connecting everything on the net; however, in reality, it is not a leading role, but as just one tool to connect the distribution, production, rationalization committee. I believe that it is “technology” and “way of thinking” that contribute to the research.

We are proud of “speed and technology” based on the tradition so far, I would like to respond to society’s request without missing the tide of this new era.

This is our philosophy and a vision aiming for a century-thriving-company.
We would like to continue making efforts to be useful to the global community at all times.

President/CEOYoshitsugu UEMURA

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