Touchless Signage System


Touchless Signage System
  • A touchless display system to enable to operate menu panels imaged in midair with special AI plate.
  • Operation without touching a panel screen enables the effective hygiene control to prevent infectious disease etc.
  • Leaving no fingerpritns on touch panels, you can use with no concern for security in typing password.
  • No physical contact to a panel screen enables lower failure probability than the conventional touch panel display.
  • AI plate is manufactured by ASUKANET Co., Ltd.

Device configuration

This device is a touchless display system that takes images from a small display installed at 45° downward into the housing, and projects them upward into empty space by 45° from a special AI plate, making it possible to operate menu screens in mid-air. The operation of software is made possible by detecting finger movements in the space above the device with motion sensors in the back, and linking these movements to the position of the display images.

Touchless Signage System

Typical use

For hygiene control
Hospital reception

For security control
Bank ATM

For entertainment industry
Information guide at amusement facility

Touchless Signage System


Product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

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