Offshore Wind Farm Cables

The cables used in offshore wind farms need to be designed to withstand the harsh natural environment.

JMACS offshore wind power cables have excellent weather and heat resistance, and are designed to withstand harsh operating environments. They are also heat resistant.

In order to meet the increasing demand for offshore wind power generation projects, JMACS manufactures and sells cables for offshore wind power generation, as well as customized cables to meet special requirements.

Usage Example

Examples of reference products

  • Communication cables: Industrial Ethernet cables (Cat6A, Cat5E, Cat5)
  • Flame-resistant high-strength optical cables, FCPEV-NC, HP
  • Fieldbus cables … CAN-BUS, CC-LINK, DeviceNet, BA/PA cables, etc.
  • Instrumentation cables … KNPEV-SB, KPEV, etc.
  • Control and power supply cables: CVV, CV, VCTF, 2PNCT
  • EM /F ECO Eco-materials for the environment

Example Cable Specifications

  • Noise suppression・・・Shield specification
  • For high temperature ・・・・・ Heat resistant
  • For low temperature ・・・・・ Cold resistant
  • Flame retardant ・・・・・ High flame retardant
  • Measures against salt damage: ・・・・・ salt damage resistance
  • Measures against high bending, twisting and side pressure: ・・・・ High strength
  • Wire-saving measures: Composite specifications

In addition, we can produce various types of cables with a high flame-retardant finish in small lots, with short delivery times and high quality.
Please refer to our catalogue for examples of solutions.

Product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

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