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  • In real time, the staff member can share his/her point of view of image and sound with manager from a distance.
  • Also can conduct the work while showing the manual. Reducing the working hour is available by the efficient manual reference.
  • Can carry out the work surely follow the procedure, reduce the mistakes and improve the productivity if identify the work objects by camera and display the next procedure automatically.
  • Equipped with IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) which grasp high accuracy of positional information. Can shorten the workflow by navigating staff member.


  • Hands free, so easy to focus on the work. Improve productivity by not stopping the work flow.
  • Displaying the work content on the big screen is available.
    By using both eyes see-through type, can display the information in the visual field of a confirmable situation of work object and the surroundings.
  • Visualize the waste of the work by detecting high accuracy of action and movement.
    Detect and measure the posture and movement of worker by high accuracy of equipped IMU.


Model BT-300 BT-350 BT-2000 BT-2200
Outlook nvEye's BT-300 nvEye's BT-350 nvEye's BT-2000 nvEye's BT-2200
Weight 69g (Controller 129g) 119g (Controller 129g) 290g (Controller 265g)
Camera 5 million pixels 5 million pixels
Storage 16GB 48GB 8GB
MicroSD Card Up to 32GB Up to 32GB
Battery approx. 6 hrs approx. 4 hrs
OS Android™ 5.1 Android™ 4.0.4
Equipped sensors GPS/Geomagnetic sensor/Acceleration sensor/Gyro sensor/Luminance sensor GPS/Geomagnetic sensor/IMU(Acceleration sensor/ Gyro sensor)/ Luminance sensor
Waterproof/Dustproof IPX2 standard IP54 standard

※Scheduled to add the corresponding models

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