“nvEye’s®” is a remote work support system that can be mounted on smart glasses. The on-site workers and supporters share video and audio, and support remote work in real time, so that work efficiency and accuracy of field workers can be improved without being at the same location at the same time.

By sending text or files directly to the workers via smart glasses, it enables both managers and workers to issue accurate work instructions, display manuals and images visually in the glass, and work simultaneously while referring to and confirming the objects with using both hands at the work site without being interrupted by the communication device.

There is a LOCAL version for the company LAN and a WEB version just for the Internet.



  • The company does not suffer by compliance since there is no video outside the company
  • Using existing equipment to connect allows the company to eliminate cumbersome expenses such as monthly fees.
  • It can be customized according to usage amount or environment.
  • Video sharing, saving / file, text transmission
  • Handwriting can be sent as an option


  • Because it is internet-communication, it can be connected from anywhere.
  • No special software is required because it can be viewed from a browser (recommended: Google Chrome (PC))
  • Video sharing, saving/file, text transmission

*The web version does not support customization.

Compatible models

realwear + nvEye’s system

Model HMT-1Z1 HMT-1
Appearance HMT-1Z1 HMT-1
weight 430g 380g
Camera pixels 16 million pixels
storage 16GB
Micro SD card Up to 256GB
battery About 8 hours
OS Android 6.0.1
Onboard sensor GPS / 9DOF (3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis gyroscope)
Waterproof and dustproof IP66 compliant
Explosion-proof performance Intrinsically safe explosion-proof structure None

BS Group +81 6 6393 0081

Hours: 8:30〜17:00


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