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The long-awaited AI-based image processing system “MAIS” is finally released!
Inspection with stable accuracy has become reality by making AI learn the criteria of skilled engineers!


*MAIS : Machine Learning + AI 


Implementing the judgment ability of skilled engineers with a system

By making the AI ​​learn the judgment of the skilled engineer, it is possible for the AI ​​to use the criteria determined by the skilled engineer.
Thanks to the unification of judgement criteria, the judgement criteria can be more standardized and human error can be reduced.

Can be installed within a local area network

Since the quality/classification judgment is executed based on the judgment criteria created by machine learning in advance, it can be installed in a local area network.

* A cloud server must be used for machine learning.

Pre-verification service

You can verify the discrimination result when you actually introduced AI in your system before purchasing the service.

* A sample image needs to be prepared.

System configuration image

During machine learning

It is necessary to upload the sample image to the external server in order to let the artificial intelligence create the judgment standard.

During machine learning

When introducing local AI

Execute quality judgment (or classification) based on the judgment criteria created by machine learning in advance.

When introducing local AI

* It is necessary to execute machine learning again to correct the judgment criteria.

Utilization image

Utilization image

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