jSeeq-Care® - a support system for nursing care facilities

EnOcean* is a battery-free wireless sensor system for nursing homes.
The EnOcean* sensors allow you to monitor and control the activities of your patients without restricting their lives and while ensuring their privacy. The system prevents accidents and supports a safe and secure life.

An international standard for energy harvesting wireless sensor technology (IEC 14543). It converts environmental energy such as pressure, light, etc. into energy for wireless communication, making it possible to build long range sensor systems without the need for batteries.

Sensor Lineup

jSeeq-Care® Introductory Examples (Kanden Joylife Co., Ltd.)

System configuration

jSeeq-Care ® Management Screen Display

Normal state

■ List of rooms
You can see at a glance the status of each room.

When an alert occurs

■ Pop-up display
A pop-up display is provided to allow immediate confirmation of an anomaly alert.

 Alert List
The alert list lists all current alerts, so you never miss an anomaly.

Alert status display
The alert status is displayed for each room so that abnormal conditions can be identified immediately.


  • Easy to install
    Battery-free EnOcean wireless sensors mean that no wiring is required.
    It is easy to retrofit, move and remove from existing facilities.
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly
    Battery-free, no batteries to run out, no electromagnetic interference, no maintenance required.
  • Privacy protection
    No cameras are used and movement is detected by sensors, protecting the privacy of the carer.
  • Real-time monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    In the event of an abnormality, the system immediately alerts you and your staff via the monitoring system and push notifications in the app.
    Because the monitoring is done by sensors, there is no need for the caregiver to be notified of abnormalities.
  • Alert history
    The alert history is stored on the monitoring server and can be used to develop a care plan tailored to the subject.
    The server can be set up either in the cloud or in a local environment.

Installation examples

Osaka nursing home (installed in 36 rooms. (Monitored by a watchman at the care station)

Benefits of implementation

  • The ability to monitor the behaviour of all residents at once has reduced the workload for staff.
  • The ability to analyse the behavioural patterns of residents makes care planning easier.
  • The system is easy to retrofit and can be changed according to occupancy.

Product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

Download product catalog (PDF)

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