High Accuracy Sensor System


High Accuracy Sensor System

*The sensor of the photo is manufactured by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION


Construct a high accuracy sensing system for detecting the change of super minute posture and action by combining small-sized, high accuracy sensor unit, measuring software and CAN-BUS cable.

Customization of measuring software is available based on the needs of customer.

Typical Use

Detect・Control Posture and Action (Inertial Measurement Unit)

High Accuracy Sensor System

  • Posture control of moving object
  • Robotics
  • Control・Analyze of motion
  • Stabilization・Vibration control
  • Tracking system

Monitoring of Construction (Clinometer, Vibrometer)

High Accuracy Sensor System

  • Diagnosis for degradation of social infrastructure of bridge and road
  • Heavy machinery・Large-scaled structures
  • Inclination measuring of vessel
  • Monitoring construction for maintenance
  • Health monitoring of buildings
  • Measuring environmental vibration of low frequency

Neighborhood monitoring of under construction (Clinometer, Vibrometer)

High Accuracy Sensor System

  • Monitoring inclination and vibration of neighboring buildings
  • Monitoring the inclination points of retaining wall
  • Maintenance monitoring during construction of civil engineering work

Measurement of local seismic intensity (Clinometer, Vibrometer)

High Accuracy Sensor System

  • Measurement of the vibration with the earthquake (strong motion earthquake・minute vibration・long period vibration)
  • Judging the degree of damage and measuring the displacement before and after of earthquake

Monitoring natural disaster (Clinometer, Vibrometer)

High Accuracy Sensor System

  • Disaster monitoring of debris-avalanche and landslide

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