DeviceNet Cables - DVN

DeviceNet Cables – DVN Series from JMACS are specialized cables used for DeviceNet network controls, which is factory automation network system getting popular in the world.


Applications and Model No.

There are two types of cables: DVN18, a thick cable for trunk lines, and DVN24, a thin cable used for drop lines. Both are fixed cables.
For movable wiring, use DVN18SF, which is equivalent to the thick cable or DVN24SF, which is equivalent to the thin cable.


  • Easy to handle, with a focus on flexibility.
  • Jacket uses a lead-free, oil and heat resistant PVC compound, with excellent flexibility. (Complies with RoHS directive)
  • Cable demonstrates excellent flame retardance, required in ODVA’s DeviceNet specification (vertical flame test).
  • Complies with UL and c-UL standards. (AWM2464, CSA-C22.2 No.210) ※DVN18SF and DVN24SF conform to UL standards only.


Model No. DVN18 DVN24
Type THICK cable THIN cable
Signal pair Power Supply pair Signal pair Power Supply pair
Conductor size (AWG) 18 15 24 22
Insulation color Blue・White Red・Black Blue・White Red・Black
Conductor resistance(Ω/km) (20℃) 22.6 11.8 91.9 57.4
Characteristic impedance (Ω) (1MHz) 120±12 120±12
Maximum attenuation (dB/100m) 125kHz 0.43 0.95
500kHz 0.82 1.64
1MHz 1.31 2.30
Outer diameter(mm) Approx. 12 Approx. 7.0
Approximate weight(kg/km) 180 60

*Specifications for DVN18SF and DVN24SF are same as above.
*Standard jacket color is grey. However, light blue is also available.

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