DALI + EnOcean sensor

Next generation lighting control system / Energy harvesting wireless


DALI(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)
DALI is the international standard (IEC 62386) specialized in dimming control of lighting.

EnOcean is the international standard of energy harvesting wireless sensor technology. (IEC 14543) It enables to built a battery-free and long distance sensor system by converting the environmental energy such as pressure and light into energy for wireless communication.


  • Seamless dimming from 0% to 100% without leaving smooth impression.
    *Some of general LED lighting cannot be dimmed down to 10% below.
  • Individual lighting, group control and scene setting are available to enable the fine light representation and energy saving control. In addition, it’s easy to change the setting by PC, tablet, etc.
  • With two-way communication, it is possible to monitor the value of the dimming output, turned-off lights, accumulated use time, etc.
  • Because of the open protocol specialized in dimming control of lighting, it’s possible to make dimming control for lightings even from different manufacturers compliant with the DALI standard.
  • Combination with EnOcean sensor enables to built the lighting system for more efficient energy-saving control and security purpose.
  • Easy linkage to the central monitoring system by using as the controller for BA (Building Automation).

Sample Configuration

Sample Configuration

Comparison of lighting control specification

  Full 2-wire system DALI
Openness Manufacturer’s original specification IEC 62386 international standard.
Connection method 2 control lines, 2 power lines 2 control lines, 2 power lines
Countermeasures for noise Needed. Keep from power lines 30cm away. No need. Bundled wiring allowed.
Dimming unit Needed. No need.
Address Circuit unit address Device individual address
Controllability Wall switch operation Wall switch, Wireless switch, PC,
General Tablet
Communication method Unidirectional communication Bidirectional communication
Main function Power supply unit control Free control by individual device
Control wiring Polar, termination required Non-polar, termination not-required
Sensor unit AC100V charging unit Easily DC-connection though only sensor

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