Controller link cable - ESNC

Twisted pair cable for controller link (ESNC) from JMACS is the cable developed for Controller Link, FA network system of OMRON Corporation.


  • ESNC conform to the evaluation test for the recommended cable of OMRON Corporation’s Controller Link.
  • Standard jacket material is flexible, oil and heat-resistant PVC. (Complies with RoHS directive)
  • ESNC demonstrates flame retardance to pass UL VW-1 flame test.
  • ESNC can be used as the connecting cable of OPCN-1.
Cross section


Conductor size (㎜²)0.5
No. of cores1P
Insulation colorBlack – White
Conductor resistance (Ω/㎞)(20℃)34.0 or below
Characteristic impedance (Ω)(1 MHz)100±10
Attenuation (dB/km) (1MHz)17.8 or below
Outer diameter (mm)Approx. 7.0
Approximate weight (kg/km)65

Caution in handling

ESNC is for fixed wiring. Do not use for wiring of movable portions.

Minimum bending radius

Please note that excessive bending of cables may deteriorate the characteristics or cause the communication error. To use as exclusive cables for Controller Link, it is recommended to have the bending radius R 60mm or more.

Maximum tensile load

Please note that the conductor could be streched or disconnected if excessive tension is applied to cables when extending, etc.
Please make maximum tensile load for ESNC 0.5 mm² × 1 pair 7 kg or less.

Other notes in wiring Controller Link

  1. Please wire and install ESNC keeping off power line and high voltage cable in order to avoid the influence from noise etc.
  2. Please ground the shield wire of ESNC at the different spot from the drive system device such as inverter etc.
  3. Please make sure to ground at one end, not at both ends.
  4. Please do not wire outdoors. In case outdoor wiring is required, please make sure to take thunderbolt countermeasure such as underground wiring or wiring inside pipe.
  5. Please be careful not to apply load by putting heavy objects etc on ESNC.

(Please refer to Controller Link Unit User’s Manual by OMRON Corporation.)

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