CAN-BUS Cable - CANC Series

CAN(Controller Area Network) is an ISO 11898 standard, open filed network system for factory automation. CAN is widely used in FA network, CAN open for control netwrok, CAN-BUS for field – field end network.

The CANC Series from JMACS are specialized cables used for CAN network communications.


  • Product lines of standard fixed cables and movable cables suitable for movable portions such as a cable carrier.
  • Superior noise resistance is achieved by adopting double shields for fixed cables and high coverage braided shields for movable cables.
  • Jacket uses a lead-free, oil and heat resistant PVC compound, with excellent flexibility. Standard jacket color is purple (RAL4001).


Use Fixed Movable
Model No. CANC-22 CANC-50 CANC-75 CANC-50SF
Conductor size 0.22mm² 0.5mm² 0.75mm² 0.5mm²
No. of pairs 1P 2P 1P 2P 3C 1P 1P
Cable outer diameter (approx.) (mm) 6.0 8.5 8.0 11 8.0 9.0 8.0
Approximate weight (kg/km) 45 75 70 125 70 85 70
Characteristic impedance (at 1MHz) 120Ω±10%(at 1MHz)
Maximum tensile load (kg) 3.0 6.0 7.9 15.8 11.0 10.5 7.0
Minimum bending radius Installation 60mm 85mm 80mm 110mm 80mm 90mm 80mm
Operating 24mm 34mm 32mm 44mm 32mm 36mm 32mm

*Minimum operating bending radius for the CANC-50SF for movable use is 80 mm. Please follow the instructions of ‘Wiring movable cables’ described in the reference.

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