JMACS’s products line-up of various cable for FA, communication and disaster prevention etc responds to your needs in the practices. To create the convenient and safe society, we provide reliable products.

Instrumentation cables

Eco-friendly product KN with flame retardant polyethylene jacket, copper tape shielded J-KN for factories and plant facilities, RX series enabling wiring at movable portions such as robots/cable carriers. Various instrumentation cables are available.

High-strength optical fiber cables

Flame-retardant, highly strong and flexible HS. Strong, flexible and outstanding flame-retardant HS-IEC. Various optical connectors are available to attach on your requests.

Ecomaterial cables

Eco-friendly cables generating NO hazardous substances like halogen gas/dioxin etc during combustion/incineration. EM LO-NC/F and EM KNPEE/F are available.

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