Greetings from the President

Company Information

CEO Yoshitsugu UEMURA

Our company celebrated the 50th anniversary by March, 2015. On this occasion, we changed our company name from “Nihon Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd” to “JMACS Japan Co., Ltd” as of September 1, with business affairs expansion. Since foundation, we have been working hard for the development of our company business. We thank you very much for your support.

Our company began manufacturing electric wire on a piece of land measuring just 165 square meters that it owned in Daito-shi, Osaka in 1965. Since then, we have consistently handled the niche product of the electric wire industry. To meet the various needs of the customer, we are determined three businesses of high-functioning cable development, expansion of solution business and overseas business as management policy.
The business field of new name of JMACS are as follows.

  • J: made in Japan
  • M: Machine & Medical
  • A: Automation
  • C: Combination
  • S: System & Solution

We will try harder to serve you.
We will aim for ”a company based on speed and technology” by accelerating high functionality of new product development and existing business and expanding new business field. We always develop new product and new technology and provide services from customer’s point of view.

In any period, the key is person. To aim for trusted company, we are focusing efforts on raising personnel.
Please give us your continued strong support.

CEO Yoshitsugu UEMURA