Corporate Sustainability

Since its founding, JMACS has been engaged in social infrastructure business for over 50 years. We have always considered and will continue to consider not only “society” and “environment” but also sustainable business activities in our business. We consider this as “Corporate Sustainability,” which integrates the pursuit of value for CSR and business activities as an initiative to formulate a long-term corporate strategy that is not limited to short-term profits. JMACS will continue to strive to be a 100-year company with a focus on sustainability.

Sustainability/Social, environmental and economic initiatives as a company based on sustainability

Providing good products to society inexpensively and quickly

As a member of society, our mission is to serve and contribute to society, and we recognize that it is a joy, and in addition to fair and transparent corporate activities, we work in harmony with the environment, We will fulfill our social responsibility from many point of view.

  1. 1. Legal compliance(Society)JMACS Japan complies with prevailing laws as well as the letter and spirit of international regulations and follows a rational course of action.
  2. 2. Respect for human rights and individuality(Society)Executives and employees of JMACS Japan respect the human rights and individuality of others and refrain from discriminative action or harassment based on nationality, race, belief, gender, or social status. We do not engage in any form of forced labor, not to mention child labor.
  3. 3. Provide products and services that are valuable for society(Environment)While placing customer satisfaction ahead of everything else and quickly responding to every need, JMACS Japan ensures the provision of safe and valuable products and services with full consideration for product liability, the conservation of natural resources and energy, and environmental protection.
  4. 4. Conduct fair trade(Society・Economy)JMACS Japan conducts business activities recognizing that ensuring fair and free competition is the basic principle of a market economy, and the company maintains governmental relationships that are sound and transparent.
  5. 5. Disclose corporate information(Society・Economy)JMACS Japan ensures appropriate communication with the general public as well as shareholders and actively discloses corporate information in an accurate, fair and timely manner.
  6. 6. Active work on environmental issues(Environment)From the development stage of any JMACS product, we do not forget to consider environmental issues related to purchasing, manufacturing, and disposal, comply with environmental laws and conduct business activities. We strive for environmental conservation, such as reducing global warming gases, conserving energy, and reducing and reusing waste.

    • As part of efforts to reduce global warming gas emissions, the new plant currently under construction will be equipped with self-consumed solar power generation systems, and we are actively bringing in methods of renewing energy, such the use of zero-CO2 emission power.
    • At the new plant, we are working on the environmental effect of lowering the room temperature by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius by laying solar panels and using the heat shielding effect as a measure against the high room temperature in summer.
    • Power saving measures: Remote power control (in-house developed system) Factory lighting is individually controlled using a tablet PC. (Collective control, group control, individual control) * Not only lighting but also some other devices can be controlled with this system.
  7. 7. Contribute to society (Society・Economy)JMACS Japan harmonizes corporate interests with those of society and keenly fulfills its role as a good corporate citizen. We respect local cultures and customs; we actively engage in social contribution activities.

    • As part of our social activities, we conduct factory tours for local high school students to provide various experiences and hands-on learning opportunities to interact with society.
  8. 8. Enhance the working environment(Society)We value internal interactions and communications among employees. JMACS Japan ensures the creation of ideal working conditions and a vibrant workplace through the appropriate positioning of employees and through training that allows every employee to apply his or her abilities to the fullest while securing the safety and health of all employees in the workplace.

    • We value communication between employees and corporation by publishing internal newsletters. Internal newsletters focus on sharing information from various departments, such as management and business topics, activities of each department, explanation of new products and introduction of new employees, in order to strengthen the unity of the company.
    • At the end of the year, an annual general meeting is always held to create an opportunity for all employees around the world to meet. In the first half of the meeting, we enjoy the study sessions for all employees, and the other half of the meeting is filled with the fun and entertaining performance of each department.
  9. 9. Stand resolutely against antisocial forces or groups(Society・Economy)JMACS Japan will never maintain any relationships with antisocial forces or groups that pose a threat to the order and security of civil society. The company firmly stands against them and will never acquiesce to any unjustified or illegal demands.
  10. 10. Lead by example(Economy)The top management of JMACS Japan takes the lead in setting a good example of acting in accordance with the Code of Corporate Behavior. In the event of any violation of the Code of Corporate Behavior, the top management will directly work to address the problem and ensure investigation of the cause to prevent recurrence. Upon clarifying the authority and responsibility, severe punishment will be meted out as appropriate at even the highest level of the company.

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