Corporate Identity (CI)

MIND Identity(MI)

Quickly provide quality products at reasonable rates, construct a platform of trust for our clients and contribute to the greater good of the global community.

The fundamental philosophy is to satisfy many customers and contribute to society by improving streamlining high-mix low-volume production and responding to customer needs in a short delivery time.


act with wisdom, courage and passion and improve ourselves along with the society

We believe that careful planning, courageous and passionate pursuit of the plan, and sustaining the growth and development of the company will lead to the prosperity of society.

VISUAL Identity(VI)

<Brand Color>

<Corporate Color>
Refreshing and clean sky blue

New company name indicating business mission

The new company name, JMACS, has a lot of thought for business expansion.

We have consistently worked on niche products in the wire industry for over 50 years. Now we are aiming to be a 100-year company with three core missions of “Development of high function cable”, “Expansion of solution business”, and “Expansion of overseas markets” in response to diversifying needs.

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