Origin of Company Name & Logo

Company Information


Origin of the Company Name

Since our founding, we have consistently created niche products within the electric wire industry, but in order to meet diversifying needs within the rapidly changing economic and social landscape, we have added the 3 businesses of development of high-peformance cables, expansion of solution consulting, and expansion of the overseas market to our management policy.
The business domains contained in our new company name, JMACS, are as follows.

J:Made in Japan,M:Machine&medical,A:Automation,C:Combination,S:System-Solution

Origin of the Company Logo

There are 3 colors used in our company’s logo.

Blue-Wisdom,Red-Courage and passion,Green-Stability and development

Exercise wisdom to devise plans, passionately carry them out, and maintain the company’s stability and development. Because a plan is only a castle in the sky, only after the plan has been executed and realized can a prosperous and stable life be lived. Wisdom, courage, and passion are necessary to achieve anything.
(To add, the color of our company is a refreshing and clean sky blue.)