• nvEye's®

  • Remote support system
    Smart Glasses
  • jSeeq®

  • Warehouse product picking system
  • MAIS

  • Image processing system using AI

  • Optimisation of equipment maintenance

JMACS of speed and technology

JMACS Corporation handles not only niche products in the electric wire industry, but we also expanded overseas markets with three businesses, including high-performance cable development and solution businesses.
Aiming for “JMACS of speed and technology”, we will constantly develop new products and technologies and provide services from the customer’s perspective.

We strive to evolve and develop along with our customers' needs.

JMACS Co., Ltd. has been founding over 50 years and offers high quality products at low cost with high variety, small lots, short delivery time and high quality.
The development and commercialization of FA network cables are our specialty.
We have an extensive lineup from fieldbus cables to high-performance industrial products and system solutions.



Providing good products to society inexpensively and quickly, and gaining the trust of customers

Our management motto is to satisfy more customers and contribute to society by streamlining high-mix low-volume production and responding to customer needs with short delivery times in niche fields under the management slogan of “supplying good products to society quickly and inexpensively and gaining the trust of customers.”


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